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main line spooling on your reel


You may add our spooling service (lines are not included) to the cart along with your purchase of a centerpin reel. You will also need to add the required backing line & main line to the cart as well from our selection. If you are sneding us an order for pick up, this can also be added. In any case, we will professionally hand-spool it and deliver it ready for you to mount and go fishing down time. Please if new to the sport ..take the time and think about which retrive you may be its different when handling centerpins than other reels/fishing methods> Idicated either left hand or right hand retrive so that we may spool it correctly. i.e. Select left hand retrieve (if you hold your rod with the right hand and retrieve with your left) or right hand retrieve (If you hold the rod with your left hand and retrieve with your right)."Strongest hand should always hold the rod for power to the adversary, drum control and resilience...Jim"

Note: For backing line and main line capacity needed, bellow is a growing list on what you will need to order for effective spooling. .If you do not see the reel listed-call us or email and we will advise asap. (keep in mind though our suggestions are based on in-shop experiences spooling the exact reels with our exclusive brand CAC dacron backing and where we think a fill-line should be, which may vary with your needs and/or personal preference) Our suggestions are approximate ..but are close.

RAVEN HELLIX 4 1/2 " (all models) Dacron Backing: 600ft/200yds. Main Line: 300 yrds/.012" di. 1/16" down lip
RAVEN MATRIX 4 3/4" (all models) Dacron Backing: 450ft/150 yds. Main Line: 300 yrds/.012" di. 1/16" down lip
JOHN MILNER 5" (all models) Dacron Backing: 300ft/100yds. Main Line:300 yrds/.012" di. 1/16" down the lip
ISLANDER STEELHEADER 4.5"Dacron: Backing: 450ft/150yds. Main Line:300 yrds/.012" di. 1/16" down the lip
KINGPIN R2 5 1/4" Dacron Backing: 480ft/160yds. Main Line: 250 yrds/.012" di. 1/16" down the lip
KINGPIN IMPERIAL 4. 3/4" Dacron Backing: 300ft/100yds. Main Line: 300 yrds/.012" di. 1/16" down the lip

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Price: $19.99 CAD



Purchase any reel from our selection, add this service to your cart and we will spool it with a quality main and backing line as listed in the selection. Our pricing is based and includes up to 100 yards backing line and 300 yards main line and a little extra ..if needed. Did we mention we hand spool all reels, do not use machines so they have just the right tension for proper bedding and perfect drifts, straightness and balance. It will then arrive ready to mount on the rod and fish it !

Price: $34.95 CAD

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reel handles


We provide reel service on most issues with your reel and where parts are available, i.e. replacement handle install, bearing install and other repairs or adjustments. We will professionally service your reel and have it ready to use. There is no need to be looking for special tools, ways and or devalued tool marks on your prized purchase, as is most noted doing it yourself or being inexperienced. All parts, machine work, or major issues may be extra.

Sending/Dropping off us a reel for repair out of the USA, Item should be described "broken fishing reel $ 0.00 value return for repair / return" Paying close attention in this detail will ultimately be more cost effective for you and avoid item getting assessed for duty and brokerage fees when it arrives, as we will not be responsible for these costs. Any questions or concerns you may contact us prior to sending.

Price: $59.99 CAD


You may add this to the cart along with your purchase of any reel from our section which needs modification, and we do the conversion by disassembling the reel and doing all the necessary work to have it set-up for right hand retrieve. Note: You only need to select this option if you do not want to do the work yourself, as instruction in the box are included. How easy it is to do? This depends on your mechanical & tinkering capabilities and coordination. The reel's clicker assembly of small parts and spring does need to be taken apart and reassembled correctly.

Price: $24.99 CAD

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