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steelhead bank fishing


Featuring: Host, Josiah Darr & Guide, Mike Zavadlov

In this feature length production, host Josiah Darr and guide Mike Zavadlov detail all the most common techniques for fishing steelhead from the bank. These professional anglers go into detail on their favorite lures and baits and show precisely how to fish them. Getting the proper drift is crucial to the steelheader and this video has numerous demonstrations on exactly how it's done. The Olympic Peninsula in Washington and its' famed steelhead rivers are the backdrop for exciting angling action and solid bank fishing lessons. this feature length video can help you hone and widen your bankfishing skills, including are straight-forward demonstrations on: *** Float and drift fishing baits and beads *** Casting and selecting spoons and spinners *** Worm and Jig choices and presentation *** Side planer plug angling

60 Minutes


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Featuring: Nick Amato, Rob Russell, Kris Olsen

"Angling Techniques For River kings" will teach you exactly how to find and catch King salmon-the icon of the West Coast and "Master Tackle-Destoyer of the Great lakes tributaries:)" Techniques discussed include: flat lining plugs, back bouncing, drift fishing, and Float Fishing. King Salmon are the most highly prized of all salmon species and the ost difficult to catch. This video will help your learning curve soar. There is no finer moment than catching a chrome-bright ocean or fresh water chinook.

60 Minutes


Price: $24.99 CAD



Featuring:  Mike Perusse, Keith Graham, Jake Zirkle, Mike McGovney

See fantastic Alaskan fishing action for giant rainbows and acrobatic steelhead that can't resist the perfect presentation that center-pin float fishing provides.  On crowded waters and pressured fisheries center-pin float fishing exceeds all other techniques by delivering a perfect drag-free drift of baits, lures, and flies.  There is no other method that can match how the extra-long center-pin rods and super-smooth single-action reels allow a float to run.

    The reason you now see both tackle and fly shops stocking up on center-pin gear is that "The Secret is Out".  This technique, developed by European Tournament anglers decades ago, is now producing sensational results on a wide variety of North American species.  It is said that fish have a small brain but huge instincts.  It's instinct that tells a fish not to take when a presentation isn't completely natural.  Center-pin float fishing gives you the perfect presentation...BAR None.

    Hosting this one-of-a-kind production is Mike Perusse.  Mike is an exceptional angler who has guided professionally and now represents G. Loomis Rods in the Northwest.  In the video he fishes Alaska's Kenai River for giant rainbows with World Wide Angler Fly Shop owner Keith Graham and pro-guide Jacob Zirkle of Alaska Fly  Water Guides.  On a second outing, to demonstrate the art of center-pin fishing, he joins another avid fly-fisher and shop owner turned center-pin fanatic, Mike McGovney.  Together they deliver great angling action and all the details on center-pin steelheading.

90 Minutes

Produced May 2008


Price: $29.99 CAD

terry j weist float fishing for salmon and steelhead


This book contains wealth of float-fishing information from an award winning author., throughtout his 38-plus years of experience on streams in the North West, Canada and Alaska and will have yoy itching to fish with the methods and technique thoroughly explained in this book.

Author: Terrry J. Weist
Book size: 5.5” x 8.5” Soft cover
71 pages / 5 chapters, in color


Price: $19.99 CAD


Fast Water Summer Steelheading is a comprehensive book that captures the most modern techniques of the sport. From reading water to intricate how-to details, every chapter in this work is packed with detailed information that will benefit the novice and experienced anglers, alike. The Author, Scott Haugen since the age of four, having pursued steelhead from Alaska to California relates tactical approaches that have worked for him in a wide array of waters. A chapter on the natural history of these exciting fish lends valued insight anglers can capitalize on to increase their catch.

This 132 page, full-color book packed with rich photos is a must have for every serious steelheader, no matter where they pursue summer steelhead.

Publisher: Frank Amato Publication.
Book size: 5.5” x 8.5” Soft cover.
134 pages / 23 chapters, color


Price: $15.99 CAD



In this book, you will find no shortage of information on how to fish with jigs for salmon and steelhead in streams, lakes & salt water by Dave Vedder, an author-fisherman throughout the West Coast, US-Pacifc North West's salmon, trout and steelhead fishery, his specialty! some of the subjects covered, but not limited to is on why jigs work so well, step-by step illustrations on making your own jigs, how to rig them and use proper technique for best presentation and much more.

Book size: 8.5” x 11.0” Soft cover.
94 pages / 8 chapters, color


Price: $28.99 CAD


The experience of over 30 years of in-the-field tinkering and modifications by In-Fisherman editors in your hand. Freeline & fixed sinker rigs, sliding sinker rigs, trolling rigs, float rigs, jigs & jigging, European rigs, and more off the boat or from shore. In this book, you will find no shortage of information

Book size: 8.5” x 11.0” Soft cover.
98 pages / 7 chapters black & white


Price: $16.99 CAD

Top-right ..picture of author Jim Butler, proudly displaying a late winter giant steelhead as illustrated in his book!.



This Steelhead Float Fishing book features modern techniques & methods of float fishing through the eyes and knowledge of Jim Butler, a seasoned steelheader from the Great Lakes Region. In his book you will have access to information on a complete list of subjects surrounding but not limited to the histories and migration of steelhead, bait presentations for different seasons, effective rigging, using a float reel, and even making your own balsa floats. A great source of information and strategies to hook more steelhead.

" Good read for the beginner, and the avid steelheader."

Book size: Soft cover, 8.5” x 11.0”
80 pages / 13 chapters, color

Price: $28.99 CAD



• 32 color pages
• Gear selection
• Shotting patterns
• Rigging
• Casting Instructions

The complete guide to float fishing rivers and streams. Features lots of step by step instructions and easy to follow diagrams.

Great book for beginners and experienced anglers!


Price: $6.49 CAD



Avid sport fishermen will treasure this book—which is nearly as beautiful as the objects it describes. Fly-tying is a highly prized fisherman’s craft, but it’s also an art form, wonderfully captured in this volume’s hundreds of color photos. Each of 100 fly patterns is presented in a two-page spread: an enlarged photo and textual description on the left-hand page, complemented with a set of step-by-step, clearly captioned photos on the facing page. In addition, fishing enthusiasts will find sections on fly-tying tools and materials plus general instructions for getting started. The author, Peter Gathercole is a well-known fly-tier and sport fisherman, gives instructions on making traditional trout and salmon flies—all of them fish catchers of proven effectiveness in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Examples vary in complexity, with patterns to fit every skill level, from novice to expert fly-tier. Here are dry flies, nymphs and bugs, wet flies, streamers, and hairwings—a virtually complete selection of traditional and up-to-date examples of the art. The book’s hidden spiral binding keeps its pages opened flat, which makes it ideal for reference at the workbench. More than 600 color photos.

Each of 100 fly patterns is presented in a two-page spread: an enlarged photo and textual description on the left-hand page, complemented with a set of step-by-step, clearly captioned photos on the facing page. 600 color photos; 5.75x7.75, 256 pgs.



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amundson salmon mug

amundson trout mug


Amundson fishing inspired coffe mug. If fishing and enjoying the outdoor lifestyle is your passion, then this 15-ounce coffee/hot beverage mug is for you. Featuring a large comfortable handle and multy-tone color glaze. Great gift for wildlife lovers and outdoorsmen. Dishwasher safe.

amundson salmon mug Amundson trout mug

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