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CRB Rod Dryer



Step up your finish game!! CRB developed its new Variable speed RDS Rod Drying System to offer flexibility to rod builder of all skill levels. This new RDS units offers Rod Builders a durable, easy to use drying unit that gives the builder total control when it is needed most. You can dial this dryer in from a virtual standstill all the way up to 45 RPM. This unit comes with a 3' cord, form fitting chuck and one Dryer Support Stand. Specifications Voltage: 110v Motor: Gear Driven 24V D.C. Motor Speed: 2 RPM up to 45 RPM Cord Length: 3 ft.

CRB rod dryer variable speed

Price: $119.95 CAD

crb wrapper



CRB has revolutionized the hand-wrapper. The HWS-1 hand wrapping unit features a dual spool tensioner and a tension rod which allows for easy reversing while building. Thread then runs to the slider which can move seamlessly along the 10" wrapping base. Also features adjustable stands mounted to the base along with a third stand for supporting the butt or tip. Finally the HWS-1 incorporates interchangeable step by step instruction cards displaying a range of basic wrapping and advanced decorative techniques. (Basic wrapping Step by Step card included with HWS-1.)
Unlike traditional, wooden style entry level beginner hand wrappers, these new wrapper offer many benefits found only in better systems (and some completely new & unique design features).
Download Hand Wrapper Manual

Major Features and Key Benefits:

  • Adjustable Vertical Supports – now you can move the supports out of the way to accommodate existing guides, handles or just give yourself more room to work. Supports are wide enough to completely clear the thread slider. The two main supports can also be completely removed for the base station to allow you with the ultimate in versatility
  • The supports feature felt lined deep “blank-pockets” to hold your rod blank secure and protected its surface while wrapping.The positive locking system securely keeps the blank from jumping out of supports while you wrap.
  • A third vertical rod support is provided to support the butt or tip while wrapping at the base station.
  • Dual Spool Tensioners – holding two spools means you can quickly change from color to color fast and efficiently.
  • Spool Side Pressure System – SSPS, is designed to put pressure on the spool, not the thread like many plate type thread tensions – a much better way to tension the thread. By putting pressure on the spool and not the thread you avoid the problems of the metallic treads de-laminating, nylon thread bunching and twist coiling. The SSPS also feature Delrin washer system aided by a cone spring for a smooth and constant pressure on your wraps.
  • Smooth Slider – designed to move smoothly along the complete base, no binding and tracks well to the thread wraps. It even clears to vertical supports.
  • Thread Tension Rod (HWS-TR) – is designed to keep constant thread tension on your wraps, cushion the tread spool pressure and allow you to reverse your wraps without losing tension on the thread.
  • Instruction Card – the HWS-1 incorporates an interchangeable step by step instruction cards which show the basic steps and advanced steps to building your custom fishing rod.
  • Wrapper Base – serves as the mounting platform for the complete HWS-1 system and feature soft rubber feet which keep the HWS-1 in place while you are wrapping.
  • System Approach – This Hand Wrapping System (HWS) is part of the CRB system of rod building equipment line. As such the Vertical Supports are interchange able with the CRB Rod Drying System (RDS) and upgradeable to other CRB equipment to come. Weight is 4.5lb

Price: $78.79 CAD

speedy thread puller



The quickest and easiest way to tie off your thread wraps! No more pinching thread loops only to have them twist up and break.

The Speedy Thread Puller is easy to find on your lathe with its fluorescent bead and will not break. Just wrap over one of the loops, put your finger in the other and pull it through.



0.12 oz



CRB speedy thread puller

Price: $8.99 CAD

Holds guides in place while test casting, determining placing and wraping

pro paste epoxy

A fast way to hold guides while determining placement for wrapping. Very elastic, thin-wall latex micro tubing lets you RAPIDLY move guides while test casting or running stress distribution tests. 3' makes 120-150 bands. Per 3 feet (sizes for blank diameter are approximations)

Ultimate bond in cork, and anything rod building. The Pro's choice for rod building. Stay's put, no mess as associated with liquid adhesives. Forgiving in mix ratios and easy clean up.

Select Size

Price: $14.95 CAD

Select Size

disposable yellow finishing brushes 1/4"

cork filler natural

1/4" ans 1/8" wide for finishing
10 per pack

Beautify cork and Just the right shade to match, where needed

Select Size  
Price: $5.95 CAD

Price: $14.95 CAD

pit paste

flexcoat cork ring clamp

Pit Paste is a high quality pit filler for cork. It has excellent color matching properties and cleans with soap and water. It's sandable in 30 minutes, unmatched strength and durablity, won't pop out over time.

Available in 2oz. size

Designed to compress cork rings together until the glue dries. Eliminates gaps between cork rings for a smooth, professional handle.

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Price: $9.95 CAD

Price: $47.95 CAD

prokote thread finish

4pc Complete Extreme Grit Reamer

Finish your wraps proffessionaly with extended working time. Ultimate Clarity, Medium build viscosity, Highest UV Protection

4-pack of simple, economical reamers. 18" rod blank stock with abrasive grit, perfect for reaming cork grips. Slightly tapered. Set includes 1 each of 4 sizes: x-small, small, medium & large. Note: to extend the life of your reamer set and ensure the best bore, we recommend that you start with the smallest diameter reamer possible and work your way up if needed. ***USE WITH NATURAL CORK ONLY*** ***NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE WITH RUBBERIZED CORK, EVA, or WINN GRIPS*** Specifications Model Size Length OD 1 OD 2 EGR-XS X-Small 18" 0.250" 0.290" EGR-S Small 18" 0.300" 0.365" EGR-M Medium 18" 0.375" 0.435" EGR-L Large 18" 0.445" 0.520"

Select Size

Price: $61.95 CAD

U40 Cork Seal

propaste epoxy fast set

Cork Seal is designed to seal the surface of cork rod handles.

It prevents the penetration of soils and other foreign matter transferred to the grip area from the fisherman's hands.

It enhances that "cork feel." It toughens the cork to aid in the prevention of sloughing and chipping of the cork surface.

Cork Seal soaks into the cork and seals in depth. Once it is dry, dirt, grime, salmon egg residue are easily washed off with soap and water.

For all of the same superior properties as the regular ProPaste but with an accelerated cure time for those fast jobs, try ProPaste Fast Set. ProPaste Fast Set Formula paste adhesive has an average set time of 15 minutes. ProPaste is the Pro's choice for rod building bonding needs.

ProPaste was designed "For Rod Builders – By Rod Builders". Experienced rod builders know what they want in a rod adhesive: easy mixing, good working time, smooth application, simple clean up and the strongest bonding possible. ProPaste Rod Building Paste Adhesive delivers on these needs. ProPaste is the latest breakthrough in rod building paste epoxies for any of your adhesive needs. This new paste will stay where you put it and you won't have the mess associated with liquid adhesives. It can be used to bond cork and synthetic handles, metal and graphite reel seats, ferrules, butt caps, hosels and cork rings. It works well as a lubricant when installing EVA. ProPaste's forgiving mixing ratio allows fast application with simple cleanup. ProPaste is the Pro's choice for rod building bonding needs.

Price: $8.69 CAD

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Price: $19.95 CAD

ProWrap™ Color Fast Nylon thread features the same strong tensile strength as the Regular Nylon, but it is pre-treated to withstand the sun's damaging UV rays without the need for a Color Preserver.


Color Fast Thread - Size A
100 yds .008 od.

Color Fast Thread - Size A
650 yds .008 od.


Select Color

Price: $9.60 CAD

Select Size

Price: $14.95 CAD


ProWrap™ Metallic rod winding thread features strong tensile strength and bright colors that have been pressure dyed for color consistency.

prowrap metalic rod winding thread

ProWrap Metalic Thread - Size A
100 yds .007 od.



Select Color

Price: $12.40 CAD


PacBay Metallic threads are made using a dyed continuous multifilament core wrapped with a polyester metallized dual sided film.

pacbay metalic thread

PacBay Metalic Thread - Size A
100 yds .007 od.



Select Color

Price: $8.40 CAD


crb rod building guage


Built for an easy way to size tip-tops, running guides or a rod blank tip. Handy conversion chart imprinted on rear. A must for rod building.


Price: $7.19 CAD


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