cac soft plastic wax worms-deadly



Super realistic looking and feel that steelhead cant resist. Soft Plastic with defined rings and shape makes these imitation waxies an excellent artificial bait for the stream and even for ice fishing. Fish will bite and not let go. Drift under a float with appropriate size hook and threaded through the body or through the middle for multiple presentations. Colors available in Natural Uncented in Natural, Chartreuse, Butter Cream, Green Glow, Pearl White, Garden Red. 10/pkg


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Price: $3.95 CAD


Some situations call for a more realistic style of presentation - hence the new Riverwood Steelhead Nymphs. Made from the same soft Plastic as our Riverworms, these one and a half inch baits were made to imitate real stream dwelling Nymphs. The eight twitchy legs and tail may tempt the most timid of steelhead. Fish them under a float with a jig hook ( not included) or with an appropriate size hook threaded through the body and a small split shot just above the head. Colors include Black, dark olive, white all with metal flake and Tan, Yellow, Pink with black metal flake. Comes 10 per pack.

Riverwood Steelhead Nymps

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Price: $5.35 CAD

wacky worm by redwing tackle



Redwing Tackle's wacky wigglers offer an incredible life like action for drifting and float fishing. Rig with jigs, spinner trailers or weightless. 15 worms per pack, slim structure with or without a flat tail..

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Price: $4.95 CAD


Lunkerhunt is a company that is dedicated to providing innovative, high quality, fishing products for anglers of all skill levels. Anglers will be hard pressed to tell the difference between the River Worm and the real thing. The lunkerhunt river worm is designed to imitate a moving tail action. This River Worm is a must have when fishing for wary trout in rivers and a for pan fish. worms measure 2" in length, packed 8 worms per zip-bag.

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Price: $4.95 CAD



Out fishes and lasts longer than the real thing. Choose from 4 real minnow imitating fish-catching colors. These aren't just for crappy and bass ..the 2" inch gulp minnow is perfect for drifting under a float. Just hold back on your drift and let the current do the work getting that fork- tail swimming & enticing the bow's to strike. 18 minnows per zip pouch bag

Colors - Pearl White, Chartreuse Shad, Smelt & Emerald Shiner

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Price: 6.49 CAD


Out fishes and lasts longer than the real thing. Choose from 2 real minnow imitating fish-catching colors. These aren't just for crappy and bass ..the 2.5" inch gulp minnow is perfect for drifting under a float. Just hold back on your drift and let the current do the work getting that fork- tail swimming & enticing the bow's to strike. 18 minnows per zip-bag

Colors - Black Shad

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Price: $6.49 CAD





The KO Jr Minnow is 3.25 inches long made with super soft hi floating plastic and is scented. The baits moves with the slightest current. Available in 12 per package and they come in colors as listed..Pink or chartreuse in a clear belly. Put one on and HANG ON. Best rigged with lead-heads & Jig hooks in deep-fast water systems.


Colors above coincide with selection - from top to bottom

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Price: $6.45 CAD



RAVEN® Steelhead Worms simply drive steelhead crazy. Available in the top fish catching colours (Baby Pink, Chartreuse, Red and Hot Pink) and in two sizes, for smaller streams and for larger rivers. Packaged in handy 20-packs to ensure you don't run out on the river. 20 per packet

Available in 2 1/4" and 3 1/2"lengths.

(baby color: pink/white belly)

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Price: $5.95 CAD



The famous 3" trout worm! Bubble gum color should be your first choice. Berkley's original scent with an exclusive formula, makes fish hold on 18 times longer than comparable baits. Packaged in a reseal zipper bag, 15 worms per zip-bag in the most popular colors.

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Price: $7.49 CAD

trout magnets

trout magnets 2


Neon Kit plastic grubs. 85 piece kit. Comes complete with 70 / 7 colors, 1 inch long split-tail grubs and 15/1/64 OZ.. size 8 jig-head hooks. Grub colors in olive/green, butter, chartreuse, chartreuse/orange, white, light pink and bubble gum. "Great for bass & pan fish" as stated on the package, but were sure to deliver some bow's in the river as well. Complete with snap-shut clear-view plastic box. M.I. USA

Price: $14.95 CAD






A favorite for deep-fast water systems & adding extra-weight directly on the bait. The Fin-S head mates perfectly with whatever artificial plastics you use it with. It presents a darting, high energy retrieve, or a laid-back, slow, smooth, swimming action, the natural appearance of a fin-s head/plastic bait combination is too much for any self-respecting game fish to ignore! Works equally well with the 3" and 4" plastics worms, minnows, craws & tubes or for those times when the fish want a bulkier bodied, but still natural looking, bait. Comes In natural lead and robust painted colors. Extremely sharp bronzed hook, cone shaped head, bait holding cones hold plastic lure secure and not tear. Qty' In natural lead-10/pkg In Pink, Chartreuse, White color-5pcs per package M.I. USA

Size #4 hook

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Price: $8.99CAD

Size #6 hook

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Price: $7.99CAD




riverwood riverworms pink

riverwood riverworms light pink

RIVERWOOD TACKLE "RIVERWORMS" ( Now in a new round & defined shape )

At Riverwood Tackle, we realize how valuable your time on the water is and that is why we manufacture Steelhead products which produce results. Our new Riverworm is no exception. Made from soft plastic in a super realistic and defined round shape, Steelhead find the natural feel and tempting action of these worms hard to resist. Don't be fooled by the Riverworms Flesh like texture as each Riverworm is durable enough to catch several Steelhead. Field testing these soft flexible worms often produced double digit outings. A word of advice ...Don't take you eye's off your float when using Riverwood's Riverworm. Packaged in 3" & 2 3/8 " length, packed 15 worms per field-usable, sturdy zip-lock package. Now available in a guide pack in bulk 50/pkg
Steelhead photo courtesy of Riverwood Tackle

3" River Worm Selection 15/pkg
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Price: $4.65 CAD

2 3/8 " Riverworm Selection (mini) 15/pkg
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Price: $3.95 CAD

Riverworm Guide Pack - same as above in bulk 50/pkg -New-

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Excellent baits for Steelhead and Salmon. Suspend below a float, added to a jig or use to tip a Salmon sized plug. 4 inch long with paddle tail design increasing swim action. Scent-filled,10/pkg in bubblegum color in resalable zipper bag.

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Price: $5.95 CAD


These are real wax worms, preserved in their natural appearance, but without the hassles to keep alive. Soft textured with some firmness to help stay on the hook longer. Rigging waxies is simple, either as a single lengthwise or two at the time through the middle. These are best rigged with #14-16 hooks in clear water or #10-12 when some stain is evident. May also be used to tip jigs and yarn flies for added sent. 35 worms per package, vacuum sealed in a plastic container to avoid crushing. "We recommend to keep cold in air tight seal when not in use to maintain freshness and retain moisture level " Product of Wisconsin USA

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Price: $7.99 CAD

mikes gel scent


Mike's Gel Scent comes from over 25 years of testing and research. Our special blend of concentrated scents, flavors and amino acids combined with our Super Sticky formula creates a great fish attractant.  Apply directly to lures, spinners, plastic baits, tube jigs, etc. and you will notice the results immediately.  Super Sticky formula holds on lures and baits longer, resulting in more strikes and fish! Effective in both fresh and saltwater. Comes in easy-to-use 2 oz. flip-top bottle.


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Price: $5.95 CAD


Liquid Krill is a new Pautzke scent that is far different than any on the market. Pautzke employs no devious slogan here. Liquid Krill™ is an all-natural scent that contains no chemicals or attractants that fish aren't’t accustomed to in their native environment. Liquid Krill™ is a heavily concentrated form of 100% krill shrimp that has been bottled in an easy to use and store plastic squeeze bottle. It is ideal for all species of fresh and saltwater fish and is the perfect tool for using on an array of baits to increase catch rates. If fishing for salmon, trout and steelhead, soaking roe and egg sacks in Liquid Krill™ is ideal. It's also productive to soak or inject night crawlers or dough baits for trout or livers, gizzards and mealworms for catfish. Anglers are advised to saturate their sturgeon baits allowing the Liquid Krill™ to seep out. Liquid Krill™ is also a deadly saltwater attractant. Ideal for injecting into baits for sharks, soaking in crab pots or any bait that sits on the bottom, using Liquid Krill™ is a perfect way to put more fish in the bank and boat.

Net Weight 2 Fluid OZ

Price: $7.95 CAD

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