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Siglon F fishing line offers an unsurpassed performance due to a unique process that fills the spaces between the nylon molecules with resin. As a result, Siglon F is moisture-proof, curl-free, strong, and shock-resistant with a next to zero memory. A special technique also prevents the fluorescent color of the line from fading and remains strong and flexible no matter how long or how often it’s used.

We have noted that Siglon F is thinner in diameter by test compared to most other leading brand mono lines. This thinner diameter may be beneficial due to the use of today’s third generation strength fluorocarbon leaders demanding increased main line test and avoiding line brakes above the swivel, while still keeping main line weight & diameter at comfortable levels. Comes in compact 330-yard filler spool. M. I. Japan.

Color Selection? Siglon F fluorescent orange and pink colors offer the highest line tracking capability while drifting and should be the colors of choice by Steelheaders seeking this effect. Clear-blue and flo-blue however, offer low or zero line-tracking capability while drifting. Although these two colors have visible color spooled in your reel as a whole, once unwound and in the water they do not offer any relevant or visible fluorescent properties.


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