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Islander Precision Reels has resurrected the classic Searun Center Pin float reel. The new Searun is similar in look and operation to the original, but that is where the comparison ends. Technology over the years has improved dramatically, resulting in a sophisticated centre-pin reel with the precision engineering that is expected of Islander. The spool spins on a stainless steel spindle lust like the IS Steelheader in either free-spool or click-drag mode, engaged by a radial rear-position lever-clicker resting at about 2-3 o'clock on the plate when looking at the face of the spool. This allows the user to toggle with ease between free spool or clicker mode with a minimum of errors. When the click-drag is engaged, it provides a minimal amount of drag when playing a fish and offers no -/+ drag-tension adjustment to fight fish, but is verry beneficial when rigging setting up etc.
Customer Appreciation offer: Every Islander Sea Run purchase will include complementary CAC 20lb/100yds dacron backing line as required. A $15-17.00 retail value/savings.





Spool Dia



Spool Width





cubic inches





250 yards 17lbs monofilament -or- 50yds 20lb dacron backing & 330yds 10lb / .010" monofilament


Satin Silver

• Every Searun float reel comes with a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
• Unique frame enables the Searun to be purchased in either Right hand or Left hand lever positions
• Large, easy to activate click lever with a Derlin handle.
• Spool, plate & foot machined out of 6000 series aerospace grade aluminum to maximize strength and durability.
• Spindle & retaining screw are machined out of 316 stainless for corrosion resistance from the harshest conditions.
• Detent on the clicker cam for positive positioning.
• Bonus Islander black neoprene reel case (as shown) for on/off the rod transport included.

Clicker Lever Position Selection? If you hold the rod with your right & retrieve line with your left hand Select a Left Hand lever position. Right Hand Lever position should be selected when you retrieve line with your right hand & hold the rod with your left. In both of these selections the clicker Lever will be at the rear of the reel foot at 3 o'clock when looking at the face of the spool.

Alternatively and opposite the standard Positions above, the Islander Searun may also be fished with the clicker lever position sitting forward of the reel foot, as common with English Made Centerpin Reels. Therefore for right handed line retrieve, select Left Hand and for left handed line retrieve select Right Hand.


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