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River fresh, coho salmon eggs. Our Coho eggs are cured using all natural ingredients to maintain freshness, their natural scent, appearance and contain no scented-oils or color additives. These eggs are soft and sticky and come in loose form sealed in Air-tight vacuum bags to maintain freshness. Eggs are best suitable for tying spawn bags using net or scarf. We recommend to refrigerate at all times when not in use, even after a day's use out fishing. These eggs are safe to freeze as well when stored for longer periods and use as needed. Eggs cannot be speared and fished as singles, will loose form if punctured. 5.5 oz. net wt. Each bag contains approximately 800+ salmon eggs, able to make about 160 spawn bags using 5 eggs per bag or higher if less eggs are used. Imported. Note: Our eggs are will not spoil during their trip to your door, this includes USA, Canada & Overseas. We guarantee freshness!
Color: Natural

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