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Featuring:  Mike Perusse, Keith Graham, Jake Zirkle, Mike McGovney

See fantastic Alaskan fishing action for giant rainbows and acrobatic steelhead that can't resist the perfect presentation that center-pin float fishing provides.  On crowded waters and pressured fisheries center-pin float fishing exceeds all other techniques by delivering a perfect drag-free drift of baits, lures, and flies.  There is no other method that can match how the extra-long center-pin rods and super-smooth single-action reels allow a float to run.

    The reason you now see both tackle and fly shops stocking up on center-pin gear is that "The Secret is Out".  This technique, developed by European Tournament anglers decades ago, is now producing sensational results on a wide variety of North American species.  It is said that fish have a small brain but huge instincts.  It's instinct that tells a fish not to take when a presentation isn't completely natural.  Center-pin float fishing gives you the perfect presentation...BAR None.

    Hosting this one-of-a-kind production is Mike Perusse.  Mike is an exceptional angler who has guided professionally and now represents G. Loomis Rods in the Northwest.  In the video he fishes Alaska's Kenai River for giant rainbows with World Wide Angler Fly Shop owner Keith Graham and pro-guide Jacob Zirkle of Alaska Fly  Water Guides.  On a second outing, to demonstrate the art of center-pin fishing, he joins another avid fly-fisher and shop owner turned center-pin fanatic, Mike McGovney.  Together they deliver great angling action and all the details on center-pin steelheading.

90 Minutes

Produced May 2008


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