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  • Warranty Issues
  • Parts & Service
  • Authorized service & repair for non-waranty reels

For reel service & warranty Issues, we offer drop-off or or mail-In your Kingpin product at the following address:

The UPS Store
1154 Warden Avenue Suite 348
Toronto, ON M1R 0A1

On Behalf of Kingpin, we apologize for the inconvenience of a broken or malfunctioning reel and are committed to get you fishing again. When shipping in your item we recommend it insured for loss or damage for your protection.

How do I make a warranty claim? If you are certain that your broken item is Kingpins mistake (some type of manufacturerís defect) and your item is under the Kingpin designated warranty period the following is recommended for warranty service;

1. Send us a picture in jpeg format if the problem is visual or by a text description of the malfunction to

3. Include your address and a daytime telephone number in the message or in with the item.

4. Include a copy of your original receipt or proof of purchase confirmation as is required for all warranty claims.

5. USA sent in Reels ..Alll of the above, plus ship to us using USPS and when filling the Pro Forma on the box, write BROKEN USED FISHING REEL / RETURNING TO MANUFACTURER FOR REPAIR $0.00 VALUE FOR DUTY. (this step is important ..if the item is not as described it may be accessed for duty & brokerage fees crossing the border. We can not be held responsible for these costs ..please pay attention)

When we receive the above info a trained Kingpin engineer will inspect the claim and advise further on the best way to remedy a fix for the item. Please do not throw away your broken or damaged parts until your claim has been fully processed or further instructions.

Reels under warranty, a processing fee is applicable of $19.95 CAD if located in Canada and/or $24.95 if located in The United States, which covers the items's absolute repair and return shipping to your location insured with tracking, payable when ready to ship. We will contact you directly to take payment via credit card, email bank transfer(Canada only) or electronic payable invoice. In the event there is no fix available, we will discuss your options as may be available by the manufacturer or other options if non-warranty.

Reel service for Non-Waranty reels, Service starts at $39.95 which includes all labor charges for most repairs with manufacturer available parts and new bearing upgrades. Parts are at extra cost and return shipping charges are as stated above, insured with tracking. Taxes are also applicable if located in Canada at your provincial or GST rate.

Warranty Summary of Kingpin's current product line include: Zeppelin, R2, C2 & Imperial Centerpin Reels. Each series has a specific warranty program associated with it. Details are on the original packaging. If you donít have the original packaging or original schematics and/or have any other questions please email us at or call our trained professional customer service group at (416)759-6153

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